Ishikiri Shrine’s Hundred Laps 石切神社百度参り

ishikiri hyakkudomairi

The faithful gather daily at Ishikiri Shrine in Osaka Prefecture to pray for among other things, recovery from illness or injury.

In order to have their prayers fulfilled, they perform a prayer ritual known as hyakudo-mairi 百度参り, which translates as a hundred visits. But in the case of Ishikiri these one-hundred visits may be condensed in to one visit by making a hundred laps around two stone markers located directly in front of the shrine building. The shrine priests provide a bundle of strings to be held in the hand to aid in counting the laps while walking.  The shrine explains that a petitioner need not necessarily perform a hundred laps, but instead may walk, for example, a number equivalent to one’s age.

ishikiri hyakkudomairi 2