Hand and foot shrine 手足の神社

At the Mikata Ishi Kannon Shrine in Fukui prefecture, people offer prayers to cure various ailments connected to hands/arms and feet/legs. They write their names and prayers on minature wooden votives in the shape of an arm or leg. In the past they would have offered their own hand carved votive. But now the votives are supplied by the shrine. Crutches on display attest to the healing power of the enshrined deity. Some visitors even dedicated their prosthetic limbs.

Ishi Kannon Shrine

Ishi Kannon Shrine (wooden votive hands)

The wooden hands available for purchase at the shrine. Both left hands and right hands are available, as well as left feet and right feet (not pictured).

Ishi Kannon Shrine (thousands of wooden votives)

A large bin hold the thousands offered hand and foot votives. A dragon floats above.

Ishi Kannon Shrine (crutches)

Crutches offered by those healed.

Ishi Kannon Shrine (wooden votives)

Various votives from an older era.

Ishi Kannon (prosthetic limbs)