Rice cracker shop 煎餅の店

tokyo senbei (2)

Rice cracker shop in Tokyo.


Folklore Society of Japan Councilor 日本民俗学会の評議員


I was elected as a representative of the Hokkaido-Tohoku block for the Folklore Society of Japan.

Hello Kitty & Shinto ハローキティと神道

Department store display for Sanrio’s Hello Kitty goods. Shinto-like elements: 1. Back display in the shape of votive prayer tablet (絵馬 ema) with a Shinto shrine bell to ring when making a prayer  2. Hello Kitty doll costumed as a shrine maiden (巫女 miko)  3. Small case with image of Hello Kitty as shrine maiden performing a purification ritual  4. Pen case for success in studying and passing exams  5. Votive prayer tablet for writing a wish

Hello Kitty Display