80’s juvenile delinquent image 不良イメージ

From a 1980s era pamphlet with the aim of discouraging delinquency, an image of a male high school student (juvenile delinquent). [Translated from the original Japanese text]

male delinquent image (circa 1980s) outline

delinquent brochure (circa 1980s) right inside page

Extract from original Japanese pamphlet.

This pamphlet (only an excerpt seen here) offers a plethora of interesting perceptions of what constituted juvenile delinquency and truancy in 80s Japan. In the yellow box is an explanation for the meaning of tape wrapped around the handle of the student’s school bag. Different colors of tape signal different things.

White: accept a challenge (to fight); Red: looking to fight/provoke a fight; Yellow: flee; Green: looking to get hit on; Gray: already experienced.