About me プロフィール

Dale K. Andrews

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Language & Culture, Faculty of Liberal Arts at Tohoku Gakuin University, which is located in the city of Sendai, Japan. I arrived at Tohoku Gakuin University in April 2011.

From an early age, I have always been interested in languages and culture. If I can remember correctly, I had a subscription to National Geographic as a child (as well as National Wildlife). In junior high school I began studying Spanish and then added two years of German in high school. I was in a hurry to see the world, so upon graduation I joined the U.S. Air Force. This gave me the opportunity to be stationed in Okinawa (my first experience living abroad), where I spent a total of four years. After parting ways with the Air Force,  I eventually came to study anthropology at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Always desiring to return to Japan, I finally made my way back in 1996, but this time as a student. And I have been here ever since, studying, working, and living Japan.