Intensive Course at Kwansei Gakuin University 関西学院大学の集中講義

I have just completed an intensive course at Kwansei Gakuin University’s Graduate School of Sociology (Folklore and Anthropology Department) from February 24th thru the 28th. Over the course of fifteen lectures, the graduate students and I explored various topics under the broad themes of Japanese shamanism, Japanese rural society, Rites of passage, and Anime pilgrimages. My gratitude goes out to Prof. Shimamura Takanori for his kind invitation for me to lecture, as well as the graduate students who untiringly engaged with me throughout the 6 hour lecture days.

2月24日から28日までの関西学院大学社会学研究科(民俗学と人類学)での集中講義が無事に終わりました。 講義の中で日本のシャーマニズム、日本の農村社会、通過儀礼、アニメ聖地巡礼、ディジタル・フォークロアなどの幅広いトピックに関して講義をしました。 関西学院大学島村恭則先生、そして大学院生の皆さまに大変感謝しております。



Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy comes down to this simple question which I routinely ask my students, albeit in different and sometimes, subtle ways. What is your dream? Or to put it another way, What do want out of life?  My overall objective as an educator is to assist you in finding your dream (if you haven’t already). And then to guide you on your way to achieving it. That’s my teaching philosophy in the nutshell. Of course I cannot get your dream for you. That’s only something you can do. I can only mentor you. Challenge you. I can do this because, actually, I am fascinated by what you, my student, thinks (考える) and, equally if not more importantly, feel (想う). My learning about you increases the chance that we can create a successful rapport. I do take a personal interest in my students. There is nothing I want more than for you to live a good life. This is the same thing I want for my very own children. Interaction with students is an incentive to teaching. But ultimately what makes the teaching experience worthwhile is to witness the personal growth of each student, as they encounter problems, and then overcome them. Growth, yours and mine.